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Savage Support Corp. works with women and men going through the rigors of breast cancer and supports them in the psychological and social rigors that come with treatment. Day to day life can be difficult when it is constantly being interrupted by the pain and inconvenience of chemo and other treatments. Our work strives to maintain normalcy and decrease stress.

​In order to effectively offer these services to our beneficiaries, we are looking for a “First Class” of participants to help us design our organization. By becoming a member of this First Class, you receive the following benefits:

  • Receive free or reduced price services that will improve your quality of life during your treatment
  • Gain access to a variety of resources and a growing network of groups and networks to support you
  • Give direct input into the direction of the organization and the services provided

Savage Support Corp is currently in the process of creating and implementing a framework for electronically communicating with beneficiaries and service providers but, while we create this, we are looking for volunteers to become part of our First Class that:

  • Accept being part of a growing organization and learn with us
  • Must give honest and complete feedback
  • Are willing to help develop Savage Support and become advocates for this organization

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