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Savage Support is a small, grassroots organization in Milwaukee, WI. Our dream is to make the lives of women and men going through breast cancer treatment across our state easier. The services we offer our beneficiaries focus on decreasing stress and anxiety associated with chemotherapy and other breast cancer treatments. Many of these side effects, including memory loss, nausea, vomiting and fatigue cause patients to struggle with basic day-to-day tasks like cleaning their home, driving to the grocery store or other activities that require physical exertion. By assisting with these daily tasks, our hope is that our beneficiaries can focus on their healing and building self-esteem while connecting with supportive networks.

Phased Implementation of Savage Support Corp.

In order to best serve our clients, we will be developing Savage Support in two phases, described here:

Phase I

Savage Support is currently in Phase I. We are in the process of building our support networks with service providers and volunteers. We are also working with a small group of beneficiaries to help us best design programs to serve their needs. Savage Support is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization If you are interested in helping with any of these networks, please click the links under the Join Us page to find out how you can help.

During this phase, we are also working on designing and implementing Phase II.

Phase II

Phase II is currently being designed and created and will act as our main interactive platform between our service providers and our beneficiaries. This platform will consist of three main areas to interact with Savage Support:

Services Shop

The Services Shop will use a “credit” system, wherein the user will be able to select a service and our platform will contact the service provider, pay the provider, and the provider will complete the service. The user will be able to rate the interaction and offer suggestions. Interactions will be simple and well facilitated, and users will be able to tell us what they think about the range of services we are offering.

Our beneficiaries will receive a monthly allotment of credits from Savage Support based on a variety of criteria. Beneficiaries will have the option to buy credits as well, which they can use to select services at reduced cost through our organization.

Please see our Services Network page for more details about what types of service providers we are looking to partner with.

Warrior Store

The Warrior Store will operate a bit differently than the Services Shop. This store will allow our beneficiaries to purchase items like wigs, blackout blinds, special bras, etc. at a reduced cost, as part of the benefits we provide. Our beneficiaries also have the option to use their credits to purchase items from the store. The public and others not in our program will be able to shop at The Warrior Store at full price. A portion of the purchase price of these items will be used to fund our programs. Public users will also have the option to purchase items to donate to beneficiaries of Savage Support. The Warrior Store supports our mission by providing our beneficiaries with access to goods that elevate their quality of life in simple yet tangible ways beyond medical care.

Social Network

The Chat Network will act as a place for our beneficiaries to interact with each other. In this section, we will include a blog, forums for support, makeup tutorials, and allow users to start their own discussions. As many organizations have learned before Savage Support, creating and facilitating a platform for a community is integral to helping the healing process.

More to Come

Because we are still in the development phase of Savage Support, we are always looking for input on how we can best serve our mission. To become part of the planning process, please contact us via the Volunteer Network page and take our brief survey.

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