Savage Support Stories

Savage Support Stories is a monthly podcast coinciding with our newsletter, highlighting the impact and work of our organization. We began in 2020 by interviewing beneficiaries of Savage Support to share their stories in a hope to share their journeys. We have since expanded into the support network and the services we utilize.

Our podcasts are created and produced by Colleen DuVall, a freelance writer with a Master’s in Digital Communication Strategies from Marquette University. She also has an intriguing background in filmmaking, acting, directing and art.

Colleen has been published in Backlog Magazine, Riverwest Currents, Natural Awakenings, Wisconsin Natural Resources, The Washington Heights Highlighter, Fate, PanGaia, Crone, Alcoholmanac, and Feminist Voices (Madison). Her first novel was an e-book offered at Whispers Publishing until 2012.

Besides writing and producing plays and short films, Colleen has acted for theater, film, and local commercials. Her theater troupe in Chicago was known as The Black Cat Productions. One of their adaptations, “White Zombie,” was written up in the book of the same title by Gary D. Rhodes (©2001, McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers). “You Bet Your Sweet Patootie!” was featured in the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2003.

Colleen’s specialties include Journalism, podcasting, audio editing, radio broadcasting, creative writing, directing, acting, coaching, operations management, training.

We are grateful for Colleen’s contributions to our organization and giving a voice to our beneficiaries and the community of support.

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