Support For Individuals Battling Breast Cancer

Savage Support strives to provide a wide variety of services focused on aid to individuals fighting breast cancer in southeastern Wisconsin. We endeavor to provide an elevated quality of life for breast cancer patients in tangible and practical ways, beyond their medical care.

Count Down To Dance Town!








It’s A Mask-A-Rave!

To Celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are hosting a virtual event on Wednesday, December 30th from
6-8pm CST. Dubbed “MASK-A-RAVE”, it will be 2 hours of celebration, tributes to local business advocates, music, dance and fun! MASK-A-RAVE is coordinated by Oscar Winner John Ridley’s Nö Studios through a unique Vimeo channel. Fall of 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of Savage Support.
Currently, the program will be as follows:
6pm: Memory Lane Montage of Savage Support’s 5 years and vignettes of local business angels. 
6:30pm: Music with Carmen and Kostia (who performed at the first Savage Support fundraiser in 2015) and DJ Cal Roach of 91.7 WMSE. Four remote dance groups will boogie to the music to inspire at home raves, while masked of course. Donations will be accepted via PayPal to vote for your favorite dancers, bid in auctions and purchase a raffle ticket.
7:45PM: Auction and raffle winners announced and farewell.
To add to the at-home festivities, (and get you dancing!) Sugar Maple and The Ruby Tap locations are sponsoring local adult beverage pickups.
Beginning 12/1, Sugar Maple in Bay View is pouring appropriately pink Third Space FROG Weiss beer taps and growlers-to-go. The Ruby Tap in Tosa and Mequon will feature a two 4 ounce growler pick up of Wither Hills New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Clos du Lumieres Cotes du Rhône red blend. Starting 12/15, the 2 growler wine pack is just $10. A portion of both “Liquid Courage” wine and beer pack proceeds benefits Savage Support. 

Join Us

We are enrolling a small number of beneficiaries to be the first class of participants in our program.

Service Providers

We are growing the number of services we can provide to our clients in the development phase of our organization.


We have a variety of opportunities available to volunteers interested in helping us change lives.

Becoming a Beneficiary is Easy

Complete a Brief Survey

We collect basic contact information and ask to hear a bit more about your situation. We do not ask about your private medical care and you have the right to skip questions.

Meet With Us One-on-One

We get to know each other better and expand on the information you shared in the survey. From there we discuss how we can help and get you set up in our system.

Get Started!

Use our platform to access our service network and will be kept up to date on fun opportunities to meet up with other beneficiaries and return some normalcy to your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Savage Support assist those battling breast cancer?

We provide practical aid with non-medical needs to those experiencing breast cancer. We do this by providing a monthly stipend to access services we have vetted, setting up opportunities to meet others on their breast cancer journeys, and by providing resources to help you.

What don’t you provide assistance for?

We do not provide assistance for rent, mortgage, insurance, utilities, bills, personal debt, tuition, luxury items, clothing except for items except for items directly related to breast cancer treatment.

Am I signing up to be part of a support group?

Only if you choose to do so. We do offer a variety of activities for our beneficiaries to get together and build a network of individuals all on the same journey, but these activities are not mandatory. Additionally, our website will shortly (towards the end of June) have a chat room dedicated to beneficiaries if you should decide to interact there as well.

Do I have a stipend to use on services you provide?

Yes, each beneficiary is evaluated according to need & provided with a monthly stipend. This may vary beneficiary to beneficiary. You are then able to use that stipend on the services that we provide through our connections with local businesses who have signed up with us and undergone an interview process.

How long can my assistance continue?

We have a general time frame of 2 years, but each beneficiary is evaluated on a case by case basis and that time frame may be longer or shorter, depending on your individual case.

Does it matter if I’m diagnosed anywhere between Stage 0 or metastatic?

No. Whatever stage your breast cancer is at, we are here to help as long as you have received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

What’s New With Savage Support?

Picture it: Fundraising But With Pretzles

We collaborated on how we could help raise funds for our beneficiaries while being responsibly socially distanced and we thought, “Let’s send out the APB in our newsletter! And let it be fueled by food!” Especially soft, doughy, salted, chewy, fresh-baked pretzel goodness. So here we are, partnering with The Milwaukee Pretzel Company to spread the good word through good snacks and raise good money for a good cause. Download the order form here, share with family friends, and coworker, and email your orders to! We look forward to raising the dough (literally and figuratively) with you and your army of supporters!

Savage Support Stories

Thats right, Savage Support has a podcast! We are going to be talking to our beneficiaries to hear about their personal stories with breast cancer, talk about the impact of the organization and generally hear some amazing stories.

In this episode of Savage Support Stories, we speak with Vanessa Claypool about her challenges as a head of household and a working single mother to a young son as she fights breast cancer.

Toms Terrific Tournament 2020

We have been selected as one of the organizations receiving gifts from this year’s Toms Terrific Tournament! We are so happy to have been selected as one of the great organizations being supported and we can’t wait to attend. There will be something for everyone, whether you are a golfer or not, so make sure you save the date for July 29th and 30th and we look forward to seeing you there!

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