Frequently Asked Questions

How does Savage Support assist those battling breast cancer?

We provide practical aid with non-medical needs to those experiencing breast cancer. We do this by providing a monthly stipend to access services we have vetted, setting up opportunities to meet others on their breast cancer journeys, and by providing resources to help you.

What don’t you provide assistance for?

We do not provide assistance for rent, mortgage, insurance, utilities, bills, personal debt, tuition, luxury items, clothing except for items except for items directly related to breast cancer treatment.

Am I signing up to be part of a support group?

Only if you choose to do so. We do offer a variety of activities for our beneficiaries to get together and build a network of individuals all on the same journey, but these activities are not mandatory. Additionally, our website will shortly (towards the end of June) have a chat room dedicated to beneficiaries if you should decide to interact there as well.

What does “every day” assistance mean?

Every day assistance means any service or item that helps with your every day tasks. Examples are anything related to self-care, along with home cleaning & yard work, groceries, nutritional supplements and auto repair.

Does my income have relevance on becoming a beneficiary?

No. As long as you are battling breast cancer, you are eligible to become a beneficiary with Savage Support. However, we do use income to determine stipend amount.

Do I get a stipend to use on services you provide?

Yes, each beneficiary is evaluated according to need & provided with a monthly stipend. This may vary beneficiary to beneficiary. You are then able to use that stipend on the services that we provide through our connections with local businesses who have signed up with us and undergone an interview process.

Does it matter if I’m diagnosed anywhere between Stage 0 or metastatic?

No. Whatever stage your breast cancer is at, we are here to help as long as you have received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

How long can my assistance continue?

We have a general time frame of 2 years, but each beneficiary is evaluated on a case by case basis and that time frame may be longer or shorter, depending on your individual case.

Will I have a primary contact with Savage Support?

A board member will be available to you while you receive assistance with us. It may not always be the same person but we do try and make sure you have one main contact person with us.

Do I need to regularly stay in contact with Savage Support?

Yes, please! We like to hear about how you are doing and in what ways we can support you. We understand that some of you may be shy, but we like to hear from you at minimum once per month, just to check in.

Will you share my information with any other organizations?

We will never share your personal information with any other organizations. We may offer suggestions to you for other organizations you may be interested in, but we will not contact them for you in order to protect your privacy. Additionally, we will never ask for private medical information from you.

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